Forestry Institution “Chervenskoe forestry” enterprises of the Minsk State Production Association is located in a southwestern part of the Minsk region in Cherven and Berezino and Borisov administrative districts.


At present  the forestry has 9 forest districts: Chervenskoe, Natalyevskoe, Hutorskoe, Grebenskoe, Rovanichskoe, Volmyanskoe, Grebenetskoe, Ivanovskoe, Gorkovskoe, a working area, a basic nursery (area – 23 ha), including arboretum (5.6 ha). More information about enterprise structure see on the page About forestry. The forestry is engaged in timber extraction and its processing, the realization for the domestic market and for export.


The forestry activities carried out:
- forest exploitation;
- reafforestation and forestation;
- prevention of forest fires, prevention of illegal cutting of timber and other illegal actions concerning forest;
- forests’ protection from forest diseases and pests;
- game reserve management.


The forest resources of Chervenskoe forestry enterprise is 71.67 thousand ha, including the forest area – 65.78 thousand ha. Group I forests make up 33.8 thousand ha, group II forests – 37.9 thousand ha. The mean age of plantations is 50 years.


The forestry harvests timber, produces lumber, round wood, firewood, honey, brooms, bath brooms, new year tree.

We sell our products to the enterprises of the country and to individuals on an ex works basis or providing our delivery.

The planting stock (seedlings of pine, spruce and oak) is grown in the basic nursery for own use. Ornamental bushes are grown in hothouses in Chervenskoe forestry.

We provide services for hunting moose, wild boar, roe, beaver, partridge and water fowl;

We are happy to invite you to spend your holidays in a hunting lodge, open air, with a human-nature communication. We also provide services for banya (sauna) and billiard.

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